Welcome to our page dedicated to COVID sanitary measures for our 2021-2022 season (last update: 29th of July 2021)


A covid certificate and a valid ID will be asked to access all Case à Chocs events until further notice. The Covid certificate allows us to drop the social distancing measures, to permit beverage consumption while standing and let people choose if they want to wear a mask. With the Covid certificate we do not need to collect data for contact tracing purposes.

The Covid Cert App allows users to generate a “light” covid certificate that only shows the full name, date of birth and current covid status of the user. Consequently the information shared is the same as a usual ID check, with the additional guarantee that the customer is not contagious during the event.

Simply put, the covid certificate allows us to party like before with the certitude that, during events, no risk is taken regarding the pandemic.

If you have purchased a ticket and would like to be reimbursed due to the change of measures, do not hesitate to contact the ticket reseller.

We are looking forward to seeing you back at the Case à Chocs <3


Here is the criteria to obtain a COVID certificate:

You have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine authorized in Switzerland 
You have recovered from coronavirus and had one dose of Covid-19 vaccine authorized in Switzerland  
You have a valid negative PCR test (done in the last 72h) or a valid negative antigenic test (done in the last 72h) 


For more information about the covid certificate, follow this link

For more information about the “light” covid certificate, follow this link

To find a testing center to get a PCR or an antinegic test done, follow this link

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